Chigozie Nwokoji

I'm a dedicated, career-oriented individual who has been in the business of English editing, writing, proofreading, tutoring, and content creation for a reasonable length of time.

Over the course of my career, I've had to work with technical and educational firms, contributing immensely to the grammatical structures and presentation of business and lecture documents as well as teaching standard English Conventions to IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE students, some of whom I've had to teach on a contractual, freelance basis, too.

There's an impressive track record to prove my competence and reliability in these areas; I've taught students who have not only secured full scholarships with their impressive SAT scores (1400s and 1500s) but also write and speak English well enough to draft convincing application essays and credibly verbalize their study plans and prospects.

Additionally, I've proofread and edited, on a freelance basis, works of business professionals and published writers(fiction and nonfiction creatives) in my tracks.
Expertise and professionalism of conduct have been my stronghold all through this time, to the event that I often deliver before deadlines, while being detailed, concise, and honest with my materials.

If anything, I find plagiarism a spoiler of integrity; as such, I always take the time to identify all my sources and express my thoughts as critically and lucidly as possible given the specifications of the assignment.

In fact, I find that I'm my greatest critic.

Oluwatimileyin Abikoye, 720
"Without a doubt, I owe my success in the SAT verbal section to Mr. Chigozie. If it weren't for his exceptional teaching abilities, I would have likely failed that section for the second time, or at the very least, fallen far short of the 700 mark."