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My course plan is structured to suit your learning pace with precise strategies to guide you through all the question areas on the verbal reasoning and the Analytical writing. 

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What You’ll Get During This GRE Verbal Coaching

With my Verbal Tutoring, I am committed to providing you with the best possible experience in your quest for verbal excellence on your GRE examination. Here's what you can expect when you choose me for your journey to verbal mastery:

Personalized One-on-One Tutoring

In our one-on-one coaching, I provide unparalleled personalized attention, tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses. Having me as a dedicated tutor focused solely on your success, you'll benefit from customized strategies and exercises designed exclusively for you, resulting in enhanced verbal skills and increased confidence.

Proven Strategies for Verbal Exams

My tutoring employs tried-and-tested techniques. With my targeted exam preparation, you gain the tools and tactics to confidently conquer verbal section and join a legacy of students who have achieved exceptional scores, and experience real results with my proven strategies.

Flexible Online Learning

My flexible online coaching adapts to your busy schedule, allowing you to access lessons from anywhere in the world, at your convenience. The adaptive sessions are tailored to your availability and learning style, guaranteeing an efficient and enjoyable learning experience that guarantees your success.

Track Record of Success

My impressive track record of success is evident through my students' achievements showcased in my gallery of success stories. With my consistent excellence, I empower students to achieve improved scores and newfound confidence, making me the starting point for your journey to success.

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What they say

When preparing for my SAT exam, I found myself not getting very high scores on the Verbal Section of the exam. Then Mr Chigozie became the main teacher of our verbal class. During his classes, he encouraged teamwork as he gave group activities for us (the students) to solve, I believe this really helped me improve as I was able to understand better through interaction with coursemates. Also, his classes are very lively and interactive, which keeps us engaged in active learning. This really helped improve my test scores. After the SAT exams, my score was so good that I got awarded an in-state scholarship to the school I applied to(GSU). I would really recommend him.

Prosper Olusegun-Joseph. 

Without a doubt, I owe my success in the SAT verbal section to Mr. Chigozie. If it weren't for his exceptional teaching abilities, I would have likely failed that section for the second time, or at the very least, fallen far short of the 700 mark. Thanks to his incredible guidance, I not only learned how to effectively read but also developed a genuine love for the SAT verbal. His teaching style was nothing short of exceptional, and to this day, I feel equipped to teach others how to understand and appreciate this section, all thanks to the invaluable lessons I learned from the very best - Mr. Chigozie.

Oluwatimileyin Abikoye, 720

Mr Chigozie is one of the best teachers a determined student can ever have. His classes are the best: interesting, informative, and very relaxing. I remember the whole class almost celebrating once because we found out he was going to teach us next after a very tiring math class. He genuinely cares about the success of his students, is always available for them, and is very learned. So he knows exactly what he is teaching. And he doesn’t just teach his students to pass exams, he lets you understand any concept in depth so it becomes a part of you. Now I use the colon and semicolon without even thinking much because I know exactly when and how to use them. I am really happy he was my teacher. He also checked up on all my tests and final exams.
In my SAT, I got 620 in the first one. He was the first that asked for it. He knew that was not my full capacity so he helped in every possible way he could. I took the test again and I got 730!!!
He would make the learning experience really thorough and extremely interesting. I emphasize the interesting because, like most other teens and students my age, I don’t really have a long attention span. But, I am never ever lost in any class of his. That’s how interesting his classes are.
He also teaches the tricks and shortcuts to answering certain questions, because the SAT is quite repetitive in their question styles, so you would be able to finish the exam on time.
I am proud to say he’s my teacher and that most of my updated knowledge of the English language was gotten from him.
Disclaimer: all his magic mainly works on dedicated and zealous students. There isn’t really much anyone can do for someone who doesn’t want to learn.
“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”


I took the SATs last year and I got a score of 650 on the Verbal section.
Before I took the SATs, I had little or no knowledge of the proper use of American English or its literary devices.
How did I manage to do so well? I was blessed with an instructor like Mr. Chigozie.
He was so patient with us students learning under his tutelage. His classes were never boring as he engaged us in activities that enabled us to learn as well as have fun doing so. Mr. Chigozie always encouraged us to exceed what we believed were our capabilities and this enabled us to soar academically.
I encourage all students who want to take the SAT verbal to learn under the guidance of Mr. Chigozie.
Thank you.

Santos-Obi Chimamanda, 650

Mr. Chigozie is an exceptional Tutor and Teacher.

His passion, dedication, tenacity, and desire to impact his students as well as ensure they are successful in their academic exercise is unparalleled. I was privileged to have been tutored by him for my GMAT and IELTS. I attest that my success in these exams was largely due to his desire to impart knowledge and see my success.

He comes highly recommended by me.

Funmi Fadare.
HR Business Partner, Union Bank


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