We are all global citizens, which means that the possibility of touring the world for different reasons is immanent, and studying outside the shores of our countries of birth holds a lot of promises including exposure, career opportunities, and financial growth. This is especially the case for international students.

Based on some factors, some of these exams can be waived for some applicants, but more often than not they are made compulsory, probably because of the backlog of entries from applicants. Priority should be given to the best candidates judging from their results on these tests.


The graduate record examination is frequently required from Master's applicants seeking advanced degrees in the sciences and humanities. This test assesses your analytical and critical reasoning skills—skills required for success in graduate studies—and your results are used to supplement other prerequisite documents for graduate admission, such as your undergraduate transcripts, Statement of Purpose, and Recommendation Letters.

You are tested on three question areas—

Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

ETS designed and administers the GRE to give graduate, business, and law institutions standardized criteria for comparing applicants' qualifications and readiness for graduate-level academic work.

The quantitative and verbal reasoning sections are each scored on a scale of 130-170. The average scores are 152 on the verbal and 156 on the math. The Analytical writing section is scored from 0-6 points.

Wondering why you must train for this exam? The following link will answer that and give you more information regarding the test overall.

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The Graduate Record Admission Test is another requisite exam for a Master’s Application to specific schools in the US and Europe. While the GRE is mostly demanded for courses in the sciences and humanities, this exam is usually for those opting for business management courses.

The test is computer-based and adaptive. The difficulty or ease of subsequent questions is based on your performance on the previous question, and I would have you know that it is important to perform your best right from the first set of questions you get as difficult questions are high-scoring.

The exam tests your analytical reasoning skills and data literacy (VERBAL) problem-solving and data interpretation (QUANTITATIVE/DATA INSIGHT), at least since the GMAT FOCUS was introduced in late 2023.

For the record, the testing has been restructured now so that you only get to do the critical reasoning and reading comprehension areas of the verbal section; there is neither integrated reasoning nor sentence correction. No more analytical writing, as well.

However, the critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions are now a little more technical, and this is occasioned by the fact that business management schools and employees are more interested in applicants who can demonstrate high reasoning and data literacy skills.

Because it is an adaptive test, the grading is done with an algorithm that takes into account the level of difficulty of the question, the time it takes candidates to answer each question, and the number of questions the candidate answers correctly. Each section is first scored separately. The total grading is on a scale of 200-800.


The Law School Admission test result is required of candidates who are applying for admission into Law Schools in the United States. It’s a 3-hour test that measures your ability to reason critically and to comprehensively evaluate arguments. It is graded on a scale of 120-180, and law schools would often demand an average score of 160.


The Medical College Admission Test is an assessment of an aspiring medical practitioner’s knowledge of behavioral, natural, and social sciences. The test runs for 6 hours and about 45 minutes, one of the longest, you may say. Also, the grading is on a scale of 472 to 528, with 500 often regarded as the average.

Generally, these exams are meant to check your readiness for advanced studies as well as earn you a scholarship or place you in an advantageous position for admission considerations.

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