We cannot overstate the fact that a lot of self-thought experts are performing excellently in hitherto uncharted fields. Talk about Content Writers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, IT specialists, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Data Analyst, and so on. These are not your everyday scholarly professions. But they are not so easy to learn anyway. And they pay just as well!

Yes, it is simply amazing how you can acquire these incredible skills without having to jostle around, risk sunburns and awkward encounters, and utilize just your laptop, phone, and other tech devices.

I can tell you for free that you can study and excel at even the seemingly rigorous courses on a pre-designed electronic learning platform. Still not convinced?

Read further!

1. Nothing Beats Learning AT YOUR PACE:

We all have the learning capacity, but our assimilation paces and learning thresholds vary. In a traditional classroom set up with multiple students, the standard teaching methodology is placed at an average level where low-performing students are greatly disadvantaged. The instructor does not necessarily give individualized attention, so when the question “Do you understand?” pops up, the “yeses” always sound convincing enough, even from those who only have a fraction of understanding of the course content at the time. And you do not want to seem odd by insisting at that point that “you do not understand.”

And what with sitting, acting, and walking in a “certain way” in class?

Now, having the liberty to pause, replay, repeat, and watch again, and assume the physical posture you find most comfortable when you study is a luxury!

Efficient pre-recorded digital learning platforms are such that give you these liberties on a platter.

2. Untampered Self-esteem.

There is one big downside of conventional classrooms that is often overlooked especially in this part of the world:

The possibility of leaving the classroom with a bruised sense of self!

There is a sense of vulnerability that comes with allowing other students into your learning process and having them spot or highlight your weaknesses. Hello, it is only a process and not the outcome. So, who says you have to be perfect, always be right?

I mean, the awkward silences or sighs or weird glances you get when you make a blooper in class are just not situations you want to always struggle mentally with, worse off when you are already socially anxious. Even for high-performing students, this doesn't get better. They are instinctively perceived as robots, and so, allowing themselves to be natural and to "not always be correct" becomes a personal angst! Although this could engender a certain competitive spirit and pressure to improve, other people do not necessarily have to be part of your process, believe me!

Why struggle to manage the intermittent restlessness that comes with being judged in class when you can learn in an environment that is entirely devoid of such and still get the best out of the course?

3. Shutting Down Distractions

So, what if you’re the kind who requires the utmost silence to study? What if you mind the snippets of conversations and side talks that sift into your ears as you try to concentrate?

Admissibly, studying online can equally have this loop with messages from social media platforms beeping in now and again or the noise in the background.

But there is a huge difference in how to manage the distraction accruing from both ends:

While studying online, you can easily shut down all unnecessary apps and streamline your focus. But in a physical class, you do not tell your classmates to shut up! Did you pay their fees? Yes, you can choose another space within the school. But what if that doesn't give you the total privacy you need? You do not own the building, you know?

Oh...there could be a library.  Regardless, an online pre-designed course puts you in charge. You are the boss! You call the shots! 

4. Juggling Unforeseen Socio-physical Drawbacks and Learning

Remember the one time in school when you had to skip classes because of a brief health challenge, a mood switch, or a family emergency of sorts? Remember how confounding it was to return to class and discover that just within that brief hiatus, the others have covered so much, and you have missed out!

I know this feeling so well because I have been there. Countless times! And to think you cannot have the teacher go over the classes with you, except, of course, you can pay some extra fee.

Hey, online, your classes can wait for you!

Yeah yeah... there is a chance this could make you lazy. But if you are naturally lax to study, your laxity can't be fixed either way.

Being consistent at learning is a personal resolve, not to mention when you have a lot to lose from your own negligence!  You’ve got to be too sensible to choose laziness!

5. Portability and Freedom of Choice!

It is even more beautiful to think that "all you need to perform well at that course—the videos, audio, materials, e-books— are all in your hand, right at your fingertips. And to think you are free to choose any devices you find most suitable to study with. There is no compulsion to buy voluminous books, and you are simply moving around with a treasure trove of knowledge in your gadgets. Do you have any idea how incredible this is?

I am sure you NOW do.

So, make the bold choice and sign up SAT- MAIN – Chigozie Nwokoji GRE- MAIN – Chigozie Nwokoji to have uncensored access to comprehensive course content in preparation for your SAT or GRE, for instance.

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